Panda Endpoint Protection - Release Notes

Endpoint Protection 7.70


New Panda Remote Control.

From this version onwards, Panda gives you the option to purchase the new module Panda Remote Control integrated within your Endpoint Protection management console.

Troubleshoot security incidents and technical issues remotely without disrupting users.

Panda Remote Control includes the following features:

  • Remote desktop access with administrator rights.
  • Remote service and process management across your IT network.
  • Remote command line.
  • Bidirectional file transfer.

All this with the peace of mind of knowing that Panda Remote Control encrypts all communications between your computers at all times.

Compatibility with Server Core servers

Now, Adaptive Defense and Adaptive Defense 360 let you protect and monitor your Server Core servers.

From version 2.4 onward, you can safeguard your Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2 against malicious infections.

Compatibility with Server Core servers

New version of the Mac protection

The new version ( includes a new and improved engine for the protection for OS X systems.

This version is compatible with Mac versions 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and above.

New version of the Mac protection

Endpoint Protection 7.65

Android protection new version

The new version of the protection for Android devices (3.1.5) can be integrated and distributed from any EMM solution compatible with Android's enterprise features (Android for Work).

Android 3.1.5

Support for Mac OS Sierra

From this version onwards, our protection for Mac is compatible with the new Mac OS Sierra. Remember that your protection will be updated automatically based on the configuration of your existing profiles.

MAC OS Sierra

Ability to configure SMTP alerts

From this version onwards, you can configure the mailbox to use to send SMTP alerts. However, if you would prefer not to use your own mailbox, leave it blank. You will continue to receive detection alerts from computer_name@panda.alert


Endpoint Protection 7.61

Create a Panda Account as a security measure.

Create a Panda Account as a security measure:

Creating a Panda Account will increase your account's safety, as it guarantees that you, as the account owner, are the only one who knows the login credentials to access and edit your management console at any time.

From this version, every time a user who doesn't have a Panda Account tries to access the console, they will see a message informing them of the benefits of creating a Panda Account and inviting them to do so.

Cuenta Panda

Two-factor authentication.

Panda's products now allow the use of two-factor authentication for accessing the console.

Two-factor authentication consists of using a code generated on the user's smartphone as a second factor to access our products. Each user will decide whether to enable or not two-factor authentication (2FA) to access the Web console.

Additionally, from version 7.61 it will be possible to see from the Web console if users have enabled or not two-factor authentication. This is very useful for administrators, as they will be able to monitor those users who have enabled this feature.

Ability to grant resellers and Panda Security access permissions to customers' consoles.

  • In order to help resellers/service providers and Panda Security deliver the best service possible, customers can now allow them to access their console through the console settings.
  • Customer consoles are configured by default to allow access from resellers, but not from Panda Security. Customers can change these settings at any time.

A new report has been added that logs user access to the console.

This report is only available to users with Total Control permissions.


Automatically uninstalling other security products.

Up to now, administrators could choose whether they wanted to automatically uninstall any competitor security product installed across the network. These solutions where automatically uninstalled prior to installing Panda's solutions.

This behavior has been modified from version 7.61 so that administrators can choose to have competitor products removed at any time (even from those computers that have our products installed).


NOTE: Bear in mind that if you choose to uninstall third-party security products on a specific configuration profile, every computer that has that profile assigned will have those products removed as soon as it receives the new configuration.

Compatibility with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The new version of Windows 10 (Anniversary Update), recently rolled out by Microsoft, causes errors installing Endpoint Protection on computers with this operating system installed and under very specific circumstances (Secure Boot enabled, GPT partitions, etc.). To avoid these problems, we advise that you update to version 7.61.

*Version 7.61 does not update the protection on computers with an operating system other than Windows 10, therefore, the protection version will continue to be Computers with Windows 10 will be automatically updated to version 7.62, provided the automatic updates option is enabled for the relevant profile. This update is seamless for users and will only take place on computer restart

Compatibility with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Panda Endpoint Protection 7.60

This version includes the following new features:

  • The protection for Exchange Server now supports Exchange Server 2016.
  • You can now export up to 100,000 computers in a single operation when exporting computer lists.
  • The Computers screen now displays the number of computers in each status category: Protected, Unprotected, Without a license, and Excluded.
What's New

Endpoint Protection 7.50.03

Bug fixes

This version includes fixes for bugs detected in previous versions:

  • Slowdown problems under specific circumstances.
  • Unexpected blocking of third-party applications that use the user's TEMP directory to work.
  • Bug that caused computers to be sporadically moved to the Unprotected tab.
Bug fixes

Endpoint Protection 7.50.01

Bug fixes

This version includes fixes for bugs detected in previous versions:

  • Temporary loss of detection power on Exchange servers.
  • Fixed management of excluded device lists in the Device Control feature.
  • Slight computer slowdown under very specific circumstances.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Bug fixes

Endpoint Protection 7.40

New look and feel

Endpoint Protection is now more straightforward and intuitive.

See at a glance the most important changes in your IT network. New, more modern and easier-to-understand detection graphs for easier consultation and decision making.

Responsive design so that the console adapts itself to fit desktop, tablet and smartphone screens without affecting performance.

Nuevo look & feel

Improved graphs.

Faster and more powerful graphs with more visual and accurate information to identify potential security threats that require immediate action.

Novedosas gráficas

Endpoint Protection 7.30

Automatic groups (based on Active Directory)

This version adds the ability to create automatic groups based on Active Directory.

Any computers added to these groups will be organized according to the Active Directory structure they belong to.

Active directory

Endpoint Protection 7.20

New brand identity

Panda Cloud Office Protection is now called Panda Endpoint Protection (Panda Endpoint Protection Plus in the case of the Advanced version). Additionally, the look and feel of the consoles has also been changed (new colors, fonts, images, etc.) to better reflect Panda's new brand identity.

New brand identity

Protection for Android

Protect your Android systems just as easily as any other device in your organization.

Panda Endpoint Protection Plus provides antivirus as well as anti-theft protection for your Android devices (Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, Geo-Location and Snap the Thief).

Protection for Android

New user identification system

From now on, users will have to identify themselves through our IdP (Identity Provider) platform to access our consoles.

This represents a significant improvement in terms of security and user experience, and changes the way we create user credentials, allowing users to change their passwords, validating their email addresses, etc.

New user identification system

Automatic distribution of computers into groups by IP address

This version adds the ability to set rules to automatically distribute computers into groups and assign a configuration profile to them based on their IP addresses.

Automatic distribution of computers into groups by IP address

New protection engine

The protection engine has been updated with the latest technologies and improvements developed by Panda.

New protection engine

New Panda Cloud Office Protection 7.10

More device control, new Exchange filter and new local console

Content Filtering for Exchange Server

The protection for Exchange Server includes a new Content Filtering feature that allows you to filter messages based on the extension of the attachments. Filter out unwanted content and neutralize malware on your Exchange servers easily.

Content Filtering for Exchange Server

Spam and Content Filter reports

The new version enables you to locally view detailed information about the spam and Content Filter detections made on your Exchange servers. Use the reports to find any messages that may have not been received by the relevant recipients.

Spam and Content Filter reports

Added the ability to whitelist devices in the Device Control feature

Create exceptions and allow the use of certain devices by certain users in your organization: senior executives, IT personnel, etc. Version 7.10 lets you set up a whitelist of devices not affected by the restrictions established in the configuration profile.

Added the ability to whitelist devices in the Device Control feature

Added a new category in the Device Control feature

Now, you can also block or allow mobile devices in Panda Cloud Office Protection.

Added a new category in the Device Control feature

New local console

Version 7.10 includes a new local console with an improved look and feel. Additionally, a new Administrator mode has been introduced to allow network administrators to temporarily enable and disable protections from end-users' computers without having to access the Web console. This mode is password-protected.

New local console

Easier upgrading to a new version from the console

From now on, you will be notified in the console when a new version of the protection is available. This message will include a link to the new features included in the solution and a button to upgrade to the new version. If you prefer not to upgrade at that time, Panda Cloud Office Protection will upgrade following its normal cycle.

Easier upgrading to a new version from the console

New Panda Cloud Office Protection 7.00

New dashboards, detailed reports and remediation actions

New dashboards

The new dashboards will let you see at a glance the most relevant information about your computers' licenses and protection status.

New dashboards

Improved detection reports

This version provides more detailed information about detections. Get access to comprehensive threat information organized by risk level, and identify most infected computers quickly and simply.

Improved detection reports
Remedial action before problems

Remediation actions against problems

Administrators can take the following actions on network computers from the Web console:

  • Disinfect computers using Panda's malware removal tool against next-generation viruses.
  • Force computers to restart to finish installing updates or for any other reason.
  • Access information about how to troubleshoot protection problems.

Synchronous communication between computers and the Web console

From version 7.00, computers will receive commands and configuration changes in a maximum of 15 minutes instead of 4 hours as in previous versions.

Synchronous communication between machines and console

New Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.81

Improved troubleshooting and OS X support.

Ability to send computer information to Support

Now you can easily submit detailed information about computers with incidents.

Enter a short description of the problem and click Report problem with this computer.

This feature will allow us to continue to improve our service, reducing incident response time.

Ability to send computer information to Support

Web access control

Now you can also monitor and control the Web pages visited from your Windows servers.

Web access control
Protection for OS X

Protection for OS X

Just like any other system, OS X computers can be infected through vulnerabilities in applications like Java, and become a source of infection for other computers on your corporate network.

With the new protection, your OS X computers and corporate network will be completely secure.

New operating system support

The protection now supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Windows 8.1

New Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.50

More protection. More control.

Web access control

Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced now lets you monitor and control websites visited and block unproductive and/or dangerous websites for your company.

All without the need to install 'heavy' browser bars that slow down Web browsing regardless of the browser used.

Web access control
Protection for Linux

Protection for Linux

Run on-demand and scheduled scans on Linux computers (SUSE, RedHat, Ubuntu and Debian), just like you do on Windows.

Even more protection

The new anti-exploit technology detects and neutralizes malware like Blackhole or Redkit that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities (in Java, Adobe, MS Office, etc.), before it infects the computer.

And, to keep things simple, this technology integrates seamlessly with Panda Cloud Office Protection's antivirus protection.

Even more protection
New update settings

New update settings

Select the perfect time to update your protection with the new update settings.

Reports where and how you want them

Save your favorite reports so you can run them at a later time without having to set up all the filters again. Schedule reports to run periodically and have them automatically sent out via email to specific recipients.

Reports where and how you want them

New Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.0

More powerful. As easy as ever.

Protection for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Now you can protect your Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 systems.

Windows 8

New protection for Exchange Servers

Now you can protect your Exchange servers, too.

The main benefits of this protection are:

  • Antivirus and anti-spam protection.
  • 100% managed from the Web console.
Protection for Exchange Servers

Take control of devices

The new Device Control technologies prevent the spread of malware through the improper use of external devices.

These controls allow organizations to improve productivity by enforcing policies to deny access, force read-only access or grant total access on multiple devices types (USB flash drives, digital cameras, DVDs and more).

Take control of devices
Even more protection

Even more protection

We have added new heuristic technologies to detect new and unknown malware threats. Select "Suspicious items" and stay protected from the latest viruses.

Additionally, we are always on the lookout to neutralize all types of malicious activitity on your computers. More information

Quarantine malware...
just in case

Now, removed malware is kept in quarantine for three days. During this period, you can restore it to its original location on each computer where it was found with just one click.

Troubleshoot false positives in the blink of an eye.

Quarantine malware... just in case
Less connections. Better performance.

Less connections.
Better performance.

You can now centralize all Internet communications through a single computer that will also store all downloaded files.

This way, the other computers on the network won't have to access the Internet to download them, increasing speed and reducing bandwidth usage.